Palestinian Security Clash with Drug Dealers in Beddawi Camp

Armed clashes have erupted on Monday at dawn at al-Beddawi Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon between drug dealers and the Palestinian security forces, the National News Agency reported.

The clashes started between a group of drug dealers and it soon escalated into heavy gunfire and grenade explosions, NNA said.

The joint security Palestinian committees responded to the clash by firing at them, which aggravated into an exchange of fire between the two wounding one dealer and damaging tens of vehicles and stores, it added.

Palestinian security managed to arrest four of the dealers one of whom was identified by his nickname as al-Tablouj. Another two gang members, Mohammed A. and S.S. , and others have fled to an unknown destination.

Schools at the camp were closed for the day, and so did the UNRWA which informed its staff of the closure because of the security situation.

The Palestinian factions and the security committee held an urgent meeting Monday morning and decided to hand in the four detainees to the Lebanese army.