Israeli Bulldozer Removes Cement Blocks near Shebaa Farms

An Israeli unit carried out on Monday some changes near the occupied Shebaa Farms, the National News Agency reported.

It said that the unit, comprised of a bulldozer and a number of soldiers, removed cubes of reinforced concrete near the Shebaa Farms.

The units worked on the installation of an iron gate on the road between the liberated Bastra farms and the occupied areas facing it.

Later in the day, the Lebanese army erected new concrete blocks on the western edge of the Bustra Farm, in response to Israel’s removal of the old cubes, NNA said.

Tensions were recently high along the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Last week, a 12-member Israeli force crossed the electronic fence in the outskirts of the southern border town of Mays al-Jabal in the Kroum al-Sharqi area. They planted spy devices consisted of a camera and a transmission instrument that are both solar powered.

Over the weekend, residents of the Mays al-Jabal staged a sit-in protesting Israel’s recurrent violation against Lebanon’s southern territories. They were accompanied by MP Qassem Hashem.

Israeli troops had fired tear gas bombs in the direction of the campaigners to disperse them which led to several cases of suffocation.

The development comes amid high tensions between Israel and Hizbullah that follow an exchange of threats and amid unconfirmed reports of Israeli airstrikes on Hizbullah posts inside Syria.