Jreisati after bloc’s meeting: bloc urges plan for combating terrorism

“Change and Reform” parliamentary bloc on Tuesday called for a “national plan to confront terrorism” in the wake of Istanbul attack”.

Justice Minister, Salim Jreisati said following the weekly meeting in Rabieh that the bloc hailed the cabinet’s performance after Istanbul attack.

“Lebanese authorities have addressed the issue of the Lebanese victims of Istanbul’s attack with responsibility,” Jreisati said, adding “Change and Reform praised the preventative measures that were taken in Lebanon on New Year’s Eve”.

The bloc urged the approval of an electoral law that “enjoys the broadest consensus possible”.

“We call for speedy action in order to pass the new law before it’s too late,” Jreisati said.

The bloc noted that “those who raised the number of MPs from 108 to 128 are the ones who violated the Taef Accord,” adding that “FPM’s chief Jebran Bassil’s recent call for reducing the number of seats conforms with the 1989 agreement”.