North Lebanon village water supply cut over local polls dispute

Unknown assailants Saturday cut a main water pipe in a north Lebanon village, denying a neighboring town from its water supply over a dispute related to last month’s municipal elections.

The state-run National News Agency said that the incident comes after the head of Btormaz municipality, Moustafa Karra, abstained from voting in favor of Taran municipal chief Ousama Trad, during last night’s meeting to elect a new head for Dinnieh Union of Municipalities.

Karra’s decision prompted unidentified men from the neighboring Taran town to cut the main water supply that feeds Btormaz, preventing around 75 percent of the latter’s residents from having access to clean water.

“We are working on resolving the shortage in water,” Karra told NNA.

Trad, Taran municipal chief, “denounced the incident,” saying that he tried, along with prominent figures in the town to “prevent some reckless youths from any negative reaction. But unfortunately we failed.” He didn’t identify those behind the incident.

He expressed his willingness to help, denouncing such acts.

Local government polls were staged throughout Lebanon’s eight governorates last month and concluded on May 29 in the north Lebanon and Akkar governorates.

Family feuds are common during municipal elections.