Major Abbas: Lebanese kidnapped Soldiers are Martyrs!

Major General Abbas Ibrahim arrived at the tents of the families of the kidnapped soldiers, in Rhiad al-Solh shortly after 5:00 pm on Sunday.
After seeing the parents, Abbas addressed the media in a brief statement and said:

-“It is with great sadness that I announce to you that the end of the kidnapped soldiers’ story was not a happy one, like the operation of Fajer-el-Jouroud.”

-“The Lebanese army recovered remains of six bodies thought to belong to the kidnapped soldiers.”

-“We were almost sure that the abducted soldiers by ISIS were dead since February 2015.”

-“The soldiers’ bodies are in the Lebanese territory.”

-“We will wait for the DNA testing results; the bodies were found in Wadi Deb and will be transported to Beirut’s military hospital for the DNA testing, however this file has been closed.”

Before leaving the tents, Major Ibrahim Abbas paid tribute in his name and the name of the Lebanese Army Commander for the families of the kidnapped soldiers, “their children are martyrs!”

Pictures and names of the Lebanese kidnapped and now Martyrs Soldiers

Hala Hayek Najjar