Machnouk from Baabda: President insist on holding legislative elections

President Michel Aoun convened at Baabda Palace on Monday with Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nohad Machnouk, who noted that Aoun is adamant on holding legislative elections the soonest possible.

Machnouk told the press after the meeting that a “technical delay” was highly probable, which would lead to postponing elections for a few months after a new law was finally decreed.

“President Aoun is very keen on saving the country from a new political crisis, especially after the great progress we achieved in electing General Aoun as president and forming a new Cabinet,” he added.

The Minister was on a mission to visit the Premier and House Speaker as well to deliberate over the next steps, especially that his ministry was responsible for said elections.

“Proportionality is now a fact,” he declared, “but whether it is partial or complete proportionality remains to be known,” he commented on the new electoral law.

Separately, the President met with French Minister of State for Development and Francophonie, Jean-Marie Le Guen, in the attendance of Ambassador of France, Emmanuel Bonne.

Le Guen, who visited Beirut to celebrate International Francophonie Day, relayed to Aoun his French counterpart’s salutations. He also reiterated France’s commitment and support for Lebanon.

In turn, Aoun sent his regards to President Francois Hollande, and asserted Lebanon’s commitment to promote Francophonie through joint cultural activities with concerned French institutions.