(Videos/Pics) President Michel Aoun meets Lebanese Expatriates in New York

The Head of Permanent Mission of Lebanon to the United Nations Nawaf Salam organized a welcome ceremony for the Lebanese community in New York, where Lebanese nationals and U.S. citizens of Lebanese descent from all over the United States attended to welcome President Aoun and his accompanying delegation.

President Michel Aoun addressed the Lebanese Diaspora by saying that Lebanon has managed to overcome the challenges and problems that threaten the region and “who are considered the most violent since the Second World War.”

“The political division in Lebanon, no matter how strong it is, should not affect the national unity,” he stressed, emphasizing the need to limit the difference to politics, preventing it from turning into security clashes and confrontations.

On another note, Aoun warned against the ongoing Israeli threat, as Israel continues to violate Lebanon’s sovereignty and the international resolution on a daily basis, stressing on the fact that the International Community failed to force Israel to commit to the resolutions, not even through the international solutions proposed to restore peace in the region.

( (To hear the speech of the President, kindly watch the video above.)

Hala Hayek Najjar