Kenaan to Metn municipalities heads: We shall advocate your developmental demands

MP Ibrahim Kenaan held on Saturday at the Printania Hotel in Broumana a meeting with heads of North Metn municipalities and mayors, who raised with him several stringent developmental demands, notably water and sanitary issues.

MP Kenaan pledged to follow up on their demands with the concerned Water and Energy Ministry and Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Authority, to take the path of implementation.

In his address, Kenaan said that the meeting shall not be a seasonal one but rather periodic to stand on municipalities’ developmental demands, saying “To avoid remaining in a vicious circle, we will intensify our consequential meetings with you, notably that we are on the verge of discussing a budget supposed to be allotting credits for pending projects in accordance with priorities, such as water, electricity, roads and hospitals.”

The Lawmaker also pledged that he shall advocate municipalities’ demands, saying: “The way we fought for national rights, we shall proceed likewise with developmental demands.”