Kanaan for Dialogue based on Constitution, Pact

NNA – Change and Reform Bloc Member, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said on Sunday that “dialogue should be based on the Lebanese Constitution and Pact.”

“If otherwise, necessary actions would be taken under the ceiling of the law and guaranteed by the Constitution,” he added, noting that “the core problems we are facing at the current stage are actually targeting our Charter and Partnership.”

Speaking in an interview to “New TV” Channel Station, Kanaan stressed that “a new electoral law alone could reform institutions,” reiterating the importance of adopting the proportionality law “especially that we live in a pluralistic and sectarian country.”

The Lawmaker noted that a President should be elected whether by holding parliamentary elections that lead to presidential elections or by resorting to people’s voting.

Kanaan also questioned why the Charter is only applied with regards to the Premiership and Parliament Council, while being withheld from the Presidency.

Commenting on the waste dossier, Kanaan noted that all proposed solutions in this respect are in alignment with what was agreed upon during the Finance and Budget Committee meetings.