Aoun tries to demarcate the border to regain the occupied territories.

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun and according to a statement from the Presidency Friday said that Lebanon is attempting to demarcate maritime and land borders with Israel in order to reclaim Lebanese territory, especially those involving oil and gas as well as the Shebaa farms and the Kfar Shuba hills.

During a meeting with the UN Special Coordinator Sigrid Kaag, President Aoun stressed that Lebanon was fully committed to the implementation of all the provisions of United Nations’ Security Council Resolution 1701 and added, “our country is fully aware of the dangers of any violation of this resolution,” accusing Israel of violating Lebanon’s airspace, occupying Lebanese lands, and committing acts that totally oppose UN resolutions.

Aoun said that the government would ask for the extension of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, stressing the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Lebanese army and the UN forces by increasing the capacities of the troops in South Lebanon.

He called on the United Nations and the international community to support the Lebanese army in its fight against terrorism, revealing that important steps are being taken to restore stability and security on the Lebanese-Syrian border, which is the victim of terrorist attacks.

The president also hoped that the international community would intensify its support for Lebanon so that it could continue its aid to Syrian displaced persons.

“We hope that their return to their country would be imminent with a peaceful solution to the crisis,” Aoun said.