Lebanon’s stability a great need for world’s security against terrorism.

Four particularly deadly suicide attacks have been taken against  the Christian village “Qaa” located at the boundaries of libano-syriens borders.
Several deaths and dozens of injuries were reported.

The people of this village are now paying the price for their resistance and their determination to remain on their land despite the pressing threats and extremist Islamist regular incursions from the neighboring Syrian plain.

Those people refused and will refuse to leave their lands and roots attachment and are located in a very unfavorable socio-demografic  context.

As his excellency minister of foreign affairs of Lebanon Mr.  Jebran Bassil,those people of this village turned out to be the FIRST BARRACKS or first line of defense of Lebanon and obviously of Europe and the world,against terrorism imbued with fanaticism and barbarism.
If serious action will not be taken to help Lebanon and his people with this hard task , the results of this clash will be enormous for the whole world including the Russian Federation security.
The FPM (free patriotic movement)condemn these attacks and aske the Russian authorities to provide  strong support to those communities who provide  sacrifices for tolerance and human rights in order not to bow to terrorism.