(Pics) Lebanon FPM – French Modem party Cooperation

Mr. Hikmat Amal Abou Zeid, the assistant coordinator for Europe in the FPM, organized a meeting between the French-Lebanese MP in France Mrs. Nadia Essayan and the Lebanese minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Gebran Bassil. Discussions focused on future cooperation with the French MODEM party, to which Mrs. Essayan belongs, and to the interests of both countries.

Mr. Abou Zeid also organized a parliamentary meeting between Mrs. Nadia Essayan and the Lebanese MPs Mr. Alain Aoun and Mr. Simon Abi Ramia, as well as a third visit to the Lebanese parliament to learn more about the history of the Lebanese parliamentary life.

During her visit Mrs. Nadia Essayan met with the Lebanese minister of defense Mr. Yaacoub Sarraf and discussed the impetus for national security, in the context of the military battle against the Islamic terrorist group Daesh in the region of Baalbeck.

As a last stage, Mrs. Nadia Essayan met the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, in the presence of the Lebanese Member of Parliament in charge of the French-Lebanese parliamentary relations Mr. Simon Abi Ramia, the head of European Diaspora in FPM Mr. Abou Zeid, and the coordinator of the FPM in France Mr. Antoine Chedid.