President Aoun declares Victory over ISIL!

Lebanese President General Michel Aoun declared live Wednesday, that “Lebanon has done what no other country in the world has been able to do, Lebanon has won against ISIL.”

Speaking of Fajer Al-Jouroud’s battle, the president congratulated all the Lebanese soldiers and said, “When I met the Army Commander in Yarzeh, I told the military that we want them to defeat terrorism, we expect them to win and today we declare our victory over terrorism.”

Mr. President wished if Lebanon could have celebrated this victory with the kidnapped, (now martyred) soldiers and said “revealing the fate of the abducted soldiers was among the main objective of the battle and it has been achieved. We wish we were celebrating their liberation with them. ”

“We congratulate the Army Command and all the military personnel who made this victory possible and we bow before the martyrs who fell,” concluded the president.

Hala Hayek Najjar