Hajj Hassan from Tehran: Neither the US sanctions against Iran nor the pressures on Lebanon prevent money transfers

NNA – Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan, said on Sunday that “the Central Bank Governor has reassured him that neither the United States sanctions against Iran nor the pressures on Lebanon prevent financial transfers to Lebanese banks.”

Hajj Hassan’s words came upon his arrival in Tehran, starting an official visit to the Iranian capital on head of a Lebanese delegation.

His first meeting was with Iranian Minister of Industry, Trade and Mines, Nemat Zadeh, who briefed him on various functions supervised by his Ministry. The encounter was a chance to dwell on latest hour issues, including the sanctions on Iran.

Hajj Hassan described the relations between Lebanon and Iran as “historic, based on strong foundations of brotherhood and friendship.”

He added: “We work in favor of developing bilateral relations, particularly in terms of strengthening mutual trade and considering Lebanon as a center for exporting Iranian goods to Africa and Arab countries.”

Hajj Hassan also prompted Iran’s Central Bank Governor to visit Beirut and meet with his Lebanese counterpart, so as to agree on a specific mechanism for money transfers. He added that “such a visit is important to develop a clear plan that will pave the way for opening Iranian banks in Lebanon and vice versa.”

In turn, the Iranian Minister stressed on his country’s readiness to put all its potential at the disposal of the Lebanese, highlighting the “historical and deeply-rooted friendly ties shared between Lebanon and Iran.”

Politically, Zadeh hoped that peace would prevail in Lebanon, noting that many interventions have affected the Lebanese internal affairs, hoping that they would be eliminated.