Pharaon: It would’ve been better if cabinet had been postponed

NNA – Tourism Minister MP Michel Pharaon considered on Thursday that it would have been better if the cabinet session had been postponed and communications with Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) took place instead.

“It was supposed to postpone the cabinet session due to the absence of two basic components,” Pharaon told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio, adding that with the absence of two basic components the session will be just a caretaking one during which no major decision can be taken.

The Minister pointed out that he would announce his position and would discuss it during the cabinet meeting today.

Pharaon said that FPM’s position does not aim at resigning from the cabinet, confirming that the healthy solution is to elect a new president and revive the constitutional institutions’ work.

The Minister stressed “the need to seize opportunities to protect the cabinet as much as possible amid current circumstances.”