General Aoun, what are you waiting for?

YouTube Channel Odiaspora
YouTube Channel Odiaspora

General, why don’t you name them all? General, why is there no one in jail? We hear these questions everyday, have you looked around you lately? The forensic audit will be done, and the guys don’t know how to stop it in order to hide the thefts in all governmental areas and agencies.

They are all involved and scared. The General wont agree to a government formation like past governments were agreed under Syrian tutelage, and judicial formation with fake or bribed names.

Lebanese people deserve way better, isn’t that right? Any nomination other than the standardized criteria won’t be tolerated.

Tens of corruption cases are filed in court, it’s true the process is slow. But did you really expect it to be fast and not be slowed down? Far from reality.

30 years ago to date, the corrupts threaten us with a civil war. Jumblat is nervous regarding the proceedings referring to the ministry of refugees and adulterated fuel Sibleen, the gaz, the quarries, Ghazi al Aridi, Marwan Hmadi, Wael Abou Faour, Akram Chayib, Neemat Tohme.

Berri, nervous from the social security, Finance Bank There’s no doubt that these files will be dealt with.

Hariri has Solidere, Sukleen, Port of Beirut, communications, duty free, MEA, and don’t be surprised, the powerships files.

Yes yes the powerships, let’s count together.

Frangie has the adulterated fuel files, Cheka ciment & waste plant and more.

Mikati has the housing loans files and the $ 500 charge on each Celis network line.

Sanioura has 11 billion and hundreds of other files.

Hobeich & Mashnouk have the Vehicle Registration Department file mechanic, car number plates and driving licences files.

Al Qahwaji has the Army Academy, Ammunitions, soldiers uniforms scandals.

Michel Sleimam has the lands surrounding the Presidential Palace, the petrol stations, development lands in Byblos and many other files…

And you ask President Aoun to flip the table? Has he left any tables standing? He flipped everything upside down on top of all their heads. If anyone has anything against him, do like he does and go to court . Does he still need to name them all?

Let the judicial system do its job and the religious authority pray for Lebanon instead of imposing red lines on the corrupt and you will see how well things work out.

Remember it is a judge who puts people in jail and not the President.

Don’t be telling me the what has President done in the last 4 years.

He exposed them all, who else had the courage to do it?