Geagea: We will name Hariri to form next government

NNA – Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, confirmed on Monday that his party will “definitely” name Future Movement Head, MP Saad Hariri, to form the next government.

“We will definitely name Hariri to from the next government in order to rescue the country,” Geagea said during an intervention on LBCI, stressing that he does not mind a national unity Cabinet.

“I am not against a national unity government, but I am with a government with clear features,” he said.

“We also pledged full partnership, for better or worse, with the Free Patriotic Movement,” he added.

Moreover, Geagea indicated that he sought rapprochement between the LF and Hezbollah, had it not been for the parties’ divergent views on Lebanon and foreign policy. “Our project is that of a Lebanese state that would alone hold weapons and make strategic decisions.”

“March 14 today took a new turn as a political project, with the LF and Future Movement as its pillars,” he indicated.