Geagea: Should Iran wish to help Lebanon, why not?

Lebanese Forces party chief Samir Geagea described President Michel Aoun’s visit to Saudi Arabia as “perfect.”

While he refused the return of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s power in Lebanon and even in Syria, Geagea said that Aoun’s visit to Tehran is a normal procedure, adding that “should Iran wish to help the Lebanese government, why not?”

In an interview with al-Qabas Kuwaiti Newspaper to be published on Sunday, Geagea stated that the Maarab agreement moved the country to another stage, stressing there have not yet been any serious indications for a dialogue between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Forces.

“Neither Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah nor I would like to waste time,” he said.

Commenting on Jumblatt ministers’ objection to the oil decrees, Geagea noted that “the decrees are one thing and the contracting companies for the extraction is another thing.”