Geagea during rally commemorating LF Martyrs: Solution lies in electing Aoun as president and Hariri to premiership

NNA – Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea categorically stressed that the primary practical step to exit out of the current crisis lies in the election of the president of the republic.

“The foremost needed step to extricate out of the current crisis does neither lie in the national dialogue table, nor full package nor parliamentary elections… The actual step required is the election of the President of the Republic,” Geagea said during a rally to mark the annual commemoration of the “Lebanese resistance martyrs” at a mass held at the LF Party’s headquarters in Maarab, under the patronage of Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi.

Geagea said that due to the existence of some disruption attempts of presidential elections by ‘interior and outside’ sides and for ‘declared and undeclared’ reasons, the LF finds itself in front of a sole solution to realize these elections notably through supporting General Michel Aoun’s nomination to presidency.

“The solution lies in the election of General Aoun as president and the designation of our ally Saad Hariri to Premiership,” Geagea said, asking those who are raising questions about Aoun’s program, performance or alliances to give viable alternatives if they have.

The LF leader also called on all parliamentary blocs, including blocs which are Aoun’s allies, to support his nomination to presidency in acts rather than solely in words, away from all maneuvers, sensitivities or narrow calculations.

Turning to the forthcoming parliamentary elections, Geagea stressed that the holding of these elections without a new electoral law, is in fact tantamount to extending the term of the current parliament, with all its flaws whether at the representation level or others.

The Mass was attended by scores of political, official, military, party, diplomatic, economic, religious, municipal and mayoral dignitaries, in addition to the families of martyrs.

Opening up his speech, Geagea saluted the fallen Lebanese resistance martyrs as “the martyrs of national cause and the Lebanese Republic,” saying “had it been not for their sacrifices, Lebanon would have been another country for another people.”

Geagea stressed the Party’s steady and fixed constants and beliefs, no matter what political balances or equations change or alter.