(Video) FPM Leader Minister Gebran Bassil tours the Region of Akkar

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil toured Sunday the region of Akkar in northern Lebanon where he was welcomed by crowds of citizens and supporters, mostly in the villages of al-Hisheh of Wadi Khaled, Mashta Hasan, Kfratoun and Wadi Akroum, in presence of the region’s notables and prominent officials.

Minister Bassil stressed on the region’s significance, especially regarding its proximity to Syria and highlighted the importance of communication with Syria through an official border rather than illegal crossings. Bassil recalled that Lebanon suffered from the negative repercussions of the Syrian crisis, noting that the country is expected to benefit from Syria’s reconstruction.

Minister Bassil tackled the issue of the Syrian refugees and emphasized on their safe return to their country, and especially to areas that are now safe and secure. “The country has been burdened by the flow of Syrian refugees and the economy is in need of a global policy to ensure a positive turning point, alongside the cessation of corruption and decisive political changes,” he said. Bassil also insisted that “this political reform policy must be comprehensive.”

The Free Patriotic Movement leader and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil also warned of “foreign attempts” to meddle in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Foreign attempts to meddle in our parliamentary elections have started, but the era in which ambassadors used to choose our MPs has ended.”

“I warn against the interference of foreign forces in our affairs and I caution all those who work in the diplomatic field to know their limits and abide by diplomatic norms and international conventions,” Bassil added.

“Facing attempts to usurp your rights, you must respond through voting and a heavy and effective turnout,” the FPM leader added, addressing FPM supporters in Akkar.

“Those dismayed by the return of partnership and electoral reform are expressing their dismay in several ways,” Bassil said and went on saying that “our insistence on the full implementation of the electoral law as it was passed in parliament is aimed at enabling every voter in Lebanon to effectively participate in the electoral process.”
The Free Patriotic Movement Leader Gebran Bassil concluded his speech by saying that Lebanon and the Lebanese have managed to overcome the various obstacles and crises thanks to their national unity, and vowed that care and attention would be granted in the coming years to all Lebanese regions.