Dear Gebran, why those affected by the Beirut explosion do not move to live in “Solidere” buildings?

THIS IS A SATIR, don't panic.

Well, well, well. The guy did it again. Supporters, opponents, embassies and our borders’ neighbors were nailed in front of televisions and live broadcasts on Facebook. Not because, God forbid, there was a tsunami or a plane crashed into a global tower, the Qaeda style. No, no, no. It is Gebran Bassil addressing the Lebanese people.

The Lebanese judiciary, sometimes sluggish for fear of any terrifying outcome, and sometimes hasty for fear of the social media, and sometimes relying on sectarian, partisan, or institutional balances! Those who play in this matter are exposed to us, be it security or the judiciary! We wanted an honest, transparent and fast judiciary, and today we have a new opportunity. It is understandable not to violate the confidentiality of the investigation, but it is necessary to understand the request to expedite the issuance of the initial report, because this report helps the affected people to obtain their compensation from the insurance companies. The indictment should not be delayed. We want a judiciary that is occupied by the conscience, not the media. We wanted a bold, clean and efficient spend. There are 207 martyrs, and their families want the whole truth, without wronging anyone, and without condoning and exonerating anyone. O judiciary of Lebanon, move away from us the cup of demanding international justice, restore our confidence in you, and return to people hope for the truth.

Gebran Bassil – 21 Februari 2021

Really Gebran! Bold clean effective judiciary, judges appointed by a push from political bodies. And you think that those judges are sleepless in Beirut to catch the murderers?

Yes I know you are doing your job and inform us and guide us and them to the right path. But the question that remains is, if you think that they are like you; bold clean and effective.

We have to find another way. The international justice is hopeless, because how they can come to a conclusion that a somebody or a country raided or bombed an adjacent warehouse, but the result was destroying half of Beirut. Or was it that they made it in purpose to destroy the port of Beirut?

I wonder why those affected by the Beirut explosion do not move to live in “Solidere” buildings and work there, until they obtain their compensation from insurance companies and receive aid from the Beirut municipality?

The Mars planet government

… the approval of the Capitol Control Act. Adoption of the law to recover stolen and transferred funds. Adoption of the law on public service account and property disclosure. All of them are present in the House of Representatives and are considered, and if in a political decision, in one sitting they decide if they want. During the same week, we want the direct order to be given to “Alvarez” to start the economic audit at the Bank of Lebanon without any interruption or return, and so with the formation of the government, the audit process will start in parallel with all ministries, departments and councils. This is what we want from the government, and we can give it confidence in the House of Representatives without any demand for the government. Thus, we will have divided the problem, a constitutional component, a pact, and a reformist component; The solution becomes easier, and we will achieve government and reform together, quickly, and open the door for billions to come. This is the serious work … Answer us!

Gebran Bassil – 21 februari 2021

Planet Earth to planet Mars, answer me. Hallo! You can’t expect an answer from corrupted people and institutions. In the first place, when you talk to them in your meetings, those people see you but they talk to their minds: “Poor guy, he has nothing to offer me. No money, no secret agreements about power stations and no percentage of any deal… Hope he don’t see that I am bored”.

Serious work, aha! They launched a coup on 17th of October 2019 against you and the idea of a healthy state. So how in Earth you want them to approve the laws, you mentioned in your live speech.

Don’t wait for an answer, send your people to sit in the main office of MED bank and the other big banks and wait until their money is deposited in their accounts. Don’t forget to send the soldiers whose salary now is $ 70. And they are many and from all classes and affiliations.