Bou Saab: Differences between Salam, FPM due to decisions taken outside cabinet

NNA – Higher Learning and National Education Minister, Elias Bou Saab, said that differences between the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Prime Minister resulted from decisions taken outside the Cabinet.

Bou Saab’s stance came during a luncheon hosted in his honor by Former Minister Faisal Karami on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of Rashid Karami Educational Foundation’s students in Tripoli.

After criticizing public money waste and embezzlement, the minister called for the support of two armies in the country, notably, the military institution and the teachers’ institution, noting that “this question was one of the current battles at the government.”

Bou Saab pointed out that the decision regarding the election of a president was not a local one.

“Whoever is worried about his country must make concessions and reach out to others. We need to agree on a partnership to save the country from its crisis,” he said.

He added that MP Michel Aoun represented the majority of Christians, “which enable him to become the head of state.”