Ibrahim: Storms are incapable of causing Lebanon’s collapse!


NNA – Public Security Chief, General Abbas Ibrahim, said on Sunday that “storms are unable to cause Lebanon to collapse, even if they have succeeded, for a certain time, to shake its stability.”

“The vigilance of the military and security forces, which managed to send violent blows to the takfiri terrorists, prevented the country’s downfall,” said Ibrahim.

He added: “These security networks have carried out preventive operations that allowed for dismantling of dormant cells, thus, thwarting all plots to shake Lebanon’s stability.”

Speaking at a reception organized in his honor by Lebanese Emigrants Council Head, Nassib Fawaz, in Nabatiyeh, Ibrahim called on emigrants “to invest in their country, so as to contribute to the development of various Lebanese regions.”

“It is a national responsibility weighing on your shoulders, which I am sure you will rise up to, bringing hope for the future of Lebanon,” Ibrahim underscored.