Bou Saab in Brussels discusses with EU officials financing Lebanon’s education sector

NNA – Minister of Higher Learning and Education, Elias Bou Saab, currently on a visit to Brussels, discussed with European Union officials the increase in money spent by the EU to strengthen the educational sector in Lebanon in favor of Lebanese students and refugees.

For his part, Bou Saab relayed what he described as overwhelming response by European officials concerning their intention to help provide refugees in Lebanon with education, and their appreciation of the Ministry of Education’s plan, which aims to provide education to all the children in Lebanon that reach school age.

Talks between Bou Saab and EU officials also touched on the possibility of having the EU fund the establishment of solid waste treatment factories in the regions of Matn and Keserwan to be later converted into electric energy.

In this context, the Minister touched readiness on the part of European leaders to finance this project.