“Jesus is Risen”.. President Aoun from Bkirki: There will be a New Electoral Law



Following a closed-door meeting with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi, Lebanese President Michel Aoun greeted the nation in a televised broadcast after attending Easter mass in Bkirki and called upon the Christians of the Levant by saying, “celebrate the feast despite all your difficulties.”

President Aoun affirmed to the Lebanese that there will be a new electoral law for the country and added, “We hope the Lebanese will be reassured about their future. As His Holiness Pope John Paul II said, Lebanon is a message. Its main mission is peace and it will remain stable until it gains its main position at the forefront of the Levant, and it plays its role as the bearer of the message of peace.”

It is to be noted that the president has invoked his presidential powers to suspend parliament for one month and prevent it from extending its own term for a third time in less than four years.

President Aoun concluded his brief statement with sentence that is the basis of the Christian faith and said live: ‘Christ is Risen’