FPM’s Leader Gebran Bassil: We do not adhere to any Election Law

The leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, Minister Gebran Bassil said on Tuesday following the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform bloc that the party does not adhere to any election law.
This is a brief of Minister Bassil’s statement:

“- The real danger that threatens the country is the extension of the parliament, which is preventing us from adopting a new electoral law.”

“- The only guarantee against the extension is the adoption of a new electoral law.”

“- The extension it is like a pistol held at the people’s head and it is impossible to reach an agreement under such conditions.”

“- The 1960 law is another form of extension that we categorically reject, not to mention that the adoption of this law is out of the question.”

“- Do not forget that the Lebanese President himself, General Michel Aoun, has assured us that there will be no parliamentary vacuum and that it is unconstitutional as well.”

“- The Change and Reform bloc did not reject proportionality; we bridged consensus amongst Lebanese and we fought for this cause and no one can hinder the election path that we have chosen.”

“- Our party defended the rehabilitation law even though it was not our idea in the first place.”

“- All MPs are called on to review the Orthodox law at the parliament.”

“-A fair representation prevents a war amongst Lebanese people; and the nation is for all its people.” Minister Bassil concluded.