Bassil: FPM Makes Sacrifices to Serve Lebanon’s Interest

Foreign Minister and Free Patriotic Movement leader Jebran Bassil stated that the FPM makes sacrifices for the greater interest of Lebanon alone, as he assured that the delayed cabinet will eventually be formed, the National News Agency said Saturday.

“I assure you today that the government will be formed. You must put any delay in a simple equation which states that we are people who know well when to make sacrifices in favor of others in order to make Lebanon benefit,” said Bassil at the annual dinner held by the FPM-Byblos branch a day earlier.

The Minister reassured supporters that a delay in the formation of the cabinet was normal, since the country was not living through usual circumstances.

“This cabinet’s mission is to hold legislative elections on time…and ministries do not belong to any one person or political movement, they belong to all Lebanese,” he said.

He concluded that the FPM made concessions for the greater good of the country and nothing else.