Bassil For Lebanese Expatriates, For Lebanon

Lebanese expatriates are Lebanon’s most important richness, and its biggest resource if our officials knew how to handle them. This is what Minister Jobran Bassil is trying to accomplish through his foreign tours, where his visits will have a positive effect, and will enforce the ties between “resident Lebanon” and “expatriate Lebanon”.

If the expatriates felt that building a government has begun with this new mandate, they will be the first to invest in and support their country. Thus Bassil’s move is righteous bringing back trust between “resident Lebanon” and “expatriate Lebanon”.

The Lebanese expatriates are still eager to come back and visit their ancestors land, and there are major expatriate forces that must be encouraged, and communication with them must be fastened so they would come back and invest in Lebanon.

Translated by Mariana Moodad, Addiyar (Arabic version)