(Video) President Michel Aoun Inaugurates the Judicial Year

During the inauguration of the judicial year at the Palace of Justice on Friday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that it was high time the state reconsider the systems by which the Lebanese judicial institutions comply.

“it is essential to adopt a new approach that takes into account the flaws, deficiencies, and gaps that have infested the core of the judicial system, thus strengthening its independence and impartiality.” President Aoun told the crowd.

This is an excerpt of the President’s speech:


“- The judiciary I am talking about, includes all the institutions that adjudicate on disputes and ruling issues, and also determine the validity or legality of legislation in appeal cases,” said the president in the presence of Lebanese PM Saad Hariri and the Speaker of the house Mr. Nabih Berri.

“- When rumors are spread repeatedly, they become certainties in the minds of people. This is the worst thing for a society because it leads to the loss of trust between institutions and the people,” added the President.

“- We must not forget that one has a reputation, and that the worst wars that may be fought against a person are those that seek to destroy his or her reputation. Hence, the judge must be aware that he belongs to a society with all its traditions, and that he must abstain from any action that may harm his or her reputation.” stressed President Aoun.

“- We must be aware that any legislation or regulation is of no value and does not include any justice if the values are void of morals, efficient and independent characterization, and conscience,” Aoun stressed in his speech.

“- Making the judiciary an elected authority, is a possibility; then the judiciary will become an independent authority with administrative independence.”

“- We will effectively separate the authorities with the necessary legislation to create balance between them,” the president explained.

“- Lebanese citizens don’t understand the reason behind the years of delay in rendering court verdicts, and we need to change many of the procedural laws that are not useful, especially those that extend the ruling time without need, not to mention the files that are stacked on tables and in safes, president Aoun added, and concluded by saying, “let us all remember that late justice is not fair and that it is high time to get rid of this bad equation.”

Hala Hayek Najjar