Bassil from Washington: No country in the world has welcomed displaced as we have

Bassil from Washington: No country in the world has welcomed displaced as we have

Wed 22 Mar 2017 at 14:05 Politics

Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, who is currently in Washington to partake in the meeting of the International Coalition Against Terrorism along with representatives from 68 other countries, attended a reception held at Lebanese Embassy in Washington, organized by the embassy’s Charge d’Affaires, Carla Jazzar, in the presence of a crowd of Lebanese Diaspora coming from different US States, as well as a number of American diplomatic, military and religious figures, and businessmen.

Addressing the Lebanese community, Minister Bassil said “I carry the concerns of Lebanon and the hopes of the Lebanese to have a country worthy of belonging to.”

“We, in Lebanon, bear countless sufferings and sacrifices. God has blessed us with the ability to live together and to be a model for the world… At a time when sects are fighting with each other in the region, we see Christians and Muslims hand in hand facing terrorism inside Lebanon. We have our Lebanese Army to thank for winning over terrorists and for being the sole force capable of preventing their access to the country,” the Minister said.

“However, Lebanon’s success story is hampered by three major crises: that of terrorism, that of displacement and that of economy resulting from the former two crises. (…) And despite it all, Lebanon succeeded to give the best lesson to the world about hospitality and human rights. From here, from the capital of the largest country in the world, I tell you that (…) no country in the world, even those who have signed international agreements on displacement, has welcomed displaced people, notable the Syrian and Palestinian brothers, as generously as we have welcomed them.”

“Lebanon is a key partner in the fight against terrorism and in spreading the culture of moderation, democracy, and human rights,” he pointed out, urging the world to shoulder the burden and assist Lebanon at this time of crisis.

“Today, the most important news we carry to the Lebanese abroad is that they can regain their nationality, which they have to maintain. They ought to register their children and have permanent contact with the Lebanese Embassy, and soon with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through all means of technological communication so as to maintain their connection to their roots,” Bassil concluded.