This is the Man who decided the Fate of the Kidnapped Soldiers!

The legitimate prince of the terrorist organization ISIS or Daesh in Qalamoon “Abu Zubayr Saudi” was the one who ordered the execution of the eight soldiers kidnapped, said Al-Joumhouria Newspaper.

At the time, “Abu Zubayr Saudi” went to the cave where the soldiers (now martyrs) were detained, and ordered their liquidation. Meanwhile, one of the terrorists called, “Abu Bakr al-Raqawi” sent a letter to the solders’ families that read “go home, your sons were killed.”

As if it wasn’t bad enough to kill the Lebanese soldiers, it seemed that the terrorists enjoyed torturing the families of the soldiers in order to play with their nerves; According to the newspaper, other ISIS’ members sent a contradicting message to the families telling them that the soldiers were still alive.
Terrorists indeed!!

Hala Hayek Najjar