Azzi says international community should help turn displaced Syrians to Syria


NNA – Labor Minister, Sejaan Azzi, on Tuesday said that the international community and associations concerned with the displaced Syrians must work on turning back displaced people to their homeland by finding a peaceful location for them in Syria so as to avert a clash between them and the Lebanese society that hosted them as what happened earlier with Palestinians.

Minister Azzi said that the international community was exerting efforts to help the displaced remain in the hosting country instead of striving to send them back to their nation, explaining that there is always a difficulty in finding plans to turn them back to their country.

He went on to explain that terrorist organizations were making use of the presence of displaced Syrians in Lebanon through exploiting their poverty to serve terror.

Azzi received today at his office UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Lebanon, Philippe Lazzarini, in presence of representatives of international non-governmental organizations operating in Lebanon (ONGI). Talks focused on boosting cooperation between the Lebanese government and the organizations.

Afterwards, Azzi received Bengali Ambassador and discussed with him means of regulating the work of Bengali labor force in Lebanon.