Arslan from Moscow says Russian intervention in Syria to preserve unity

NNA – Lebanese Democratic Party leader, MP Talal Arslan, said on Wednesday that the purpose of the Russian military intervention in Syria aimed at preserving the unity of Syrian territories facing Western projects that wish to disintegrate the Syrian nation.

“The Russian role in Syria will simultaneously protect Lebanon, not to mention that stabilizing the situation in Syria shall help Lebanon regain its stability,” the lawmaker, who is currently on an an official visit to Russia, told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Arslan went on to dismiss the presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon as a huge pressure that’s been affecting the national economy, calling for a swift solution to this crisis.

Moreover, he said that there wasn’t any clear Arab plans to fight terror.

“Arabs are split in two halves. One that wants to fight terrorism and another that wants to support it. We never felt seriousness confronting terrorism before the serious Russian intervention facing the matter,” he added.