Berri marking disappearance of Moussa Sadr says presidency not enough, touts full basket

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NNA – Amal Movement leader, Speaker of the House Nabih Berri, said on Wednesday that electing a new Lebanese President was not enough to end the flaring political disagreements in Lebanon.

“The Lebanese presidency is not enough. What’s requested at this point is a full basket. Let’s stop toying with politics and commit to the Lebanese constitution by facing all the forces that have been trying to stage a coup against all our political headlines,” Berri said in an address he gave marking the 38 annual commemoration marking the disappearance of Imam Moussa Sadr and his comrades at Al-Kassam Square in coastal Lebanese city of Tyre.

The House Speaker said that till this day, nothing has proven that Al-Sadr and his comrades are dead.

“All the claims that have been concocted concerning this issue remain imaginary and far from the truth. This has been an Arab and Islamic cause for the last 38 years. We will not allow any suspicious relations or normalization attempts with Libya before this whole matter is cleared out,” Berri pledged.

He went on to address the Lebanese government, pushing for more appropriate care handling Al-Sadr’s case. He also called on judicial bodies to protect the Judges working on this issue.

Touching on the simmering political scene, Berri said that the road to sane politics began when politicians stopped wrapping politics in cotton wool.

“Proportionality is the cure to our national ailment instead of seclusion,” Berri stressed, calling on concerned sides to halt attempts at disrupting national institutions.

“If need be, we will confront these attempts with the power of the people,” he added, expressing keenness on attaining the presidential deadline.

“This is a priority because trust in the state remains at threat in the absence of a Lebanese president,” he added.

Moreover, the House Speaker voiced attachment to national dialogue, which he said had sealed the door before strife makers. Berri also saw that an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran would help alleviate political tribulations in Lebanon and Syria.

The House Speaker went on to ratchet up calls on all sides to spring into action and work on more investments in the service of the Lebanese Army. He also called on Banks to offer grants to help arm and equip the Army.

Addressing Israel, Berri launched a fresh tirade against the enemy and warned it from attempting to attack Lebanon again.

“You have previously tried and got sacked, with humiliation, from the Lebanese quicksand. We assure you that we don’t only support the resistance, but we are the pillars of the resistance,” he added.

Touching on the dwindling job opportunities in Lebanon, the House Speaker urged the government to provide Lebanese youth with more career openings.