The Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon would never be resolved by spreading a culture of hatred between the two neighboring peoples, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said on Tuesday.

The President called for caution “not to be dragged into a game of hatred because its outcome will not be positive — neither for Lebanon, nor for Syrians.”

The President’s words came before the Mayor of Haret Hreik, Ziad Waked, who visited him in the company of the area’s Municipal Council and Mukhtars.

“Lebanon is no longer capable of handling the growing burden of Syrian refugees on Lebanese territories,” Aoun said.

“If we are working on the return of the displaced, it’s because Lebanon is no longer capable of carrying this massive burden; however, the spread of hatred and incitement is totally unacceptable, especially that the consequences could be dire for both peoples,” Aoun told the delegation.

Lebanon has succeeded in controlling the situation at the domestic scene in spite of the serious events that have taken place in the region, the President added. “Is it necessary to drag Lebanon into the midst of a war and submerge it in internal problems at a time when the war around us is almost over?”

Also on Tuesday, Baabda Palace witnessed a series of meetings touching on political, developmental, economic, and cultural issues, as well as ministerial affairs.

In this context, Aoun met with Minister of Culture, Ghattas Khoury, with whom he held a tour de horizon on the general situation in the country in line with current political developments.

Separately, Aoun also received former minister Jean Obeid with whom he discussed the most recent political situation.

President of the Constitutional Council, Dr. Issam Sleiman, said that he had discussed with Aoun the possibility of inviting the Union of Arab Courts and Constitutional Councils to hold the 2017 session in Beirut in October.