Bassil: We support appointment of new commander

NNA – Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, said that Free Patriotic Movement’s position was permanent and consistent; “we oppose the extension and we support the appointment of a new commander of the army.”

Minister Bassil’s words came Tuesday in the context of the regular weekly meeting for the bloc of Reform and Change in Rabieh.

“This time, the pretext they used against us regarding the appointment of a relative to General Aoun has faded away. We will take a position in the event of the extension of army commander’s mandate,” added Bassil.

“We are not adhering to the person of Change and Reform bloc, but to the principle of preserving the country, and when people choose someone else we will support the chosen,” he noted.

He said that some were preventing consensus and were leading the country to chaos.

He added that the bloc would not refrain from favoring its right and supporting a consensual president enjoying a vast popularity.