Al-Rahi Urges Politicians to ‘Reconcile with People’ with New Electoral Law

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday called on politicians to “reconcile with people” through a new electoral law that gives them the right to hold their representatives accountable.

“This reconciliation requires them to pull the people out of the state of poverty which has started to affect one third of the population… and to respect their dignity through granting value to their votes in the elections and giving them the right to accountability,” said al-Rahi in his Palm Sunday sermon.

He said the new electoral law should be tailored to fit the interests of the people and the country, “not the interests of political feudalism and influential parties.”

The politicians’ “reconciliation” with people also requires them to “protect the funds of the treasury, which are the funds of the people,” al-Rahi added, urging the political forces to put an end to “the theft and waste of public money, bribery and tax evasion.”