Will General Aoun’s first choice for voting law finally be adopted?

A consensus on a new electoral law has not yet reached the level of positivity, the OTV reported, but it is still in the “exchange of ideas” phase.

(Check General Aoun and FPM Leader Minister Bassil stand on this issue in this link)

On the other hand, LBC International announced, 45 minutes ago, “that the proportional electoral law was accepted with the approval for the adoption of the idea of 15 constituencies, and by keeping the preferential vote option.”

It is to be mentioned that the first people who adopted the proportional law were the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, the Free Patriotic Movement party and its leader Minister Bassil who warned of “revolution” should the political forces fail to agree on a new electoral law to replace the so-called 1960 law, as well as the Change and Reform’s bloc lawmakers.

President Michel Aoun defended on many occasions the proportional representation electoral system. When he addressed the diplomatic corps at Baabda Palace  on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, the president endorsed the proportional voting law and said, and we quote, “endorsing such law guarantees proper representation in the upcoming parliamentary elections and stated that fears about it are not justified.”

(As of this publication, no confirmation has yet been issued.)

Hala Hayek