(Video) Bassil’s speech at the FPM’s Lebanese Electric Company dinner

The Free Patriotic Movement Leader, Minister Gebran Bassil attended last night the FPM’s dinner of the Electric Company of Lebanon.  During the dinner, Bassil made a fiery speech and tackled important issues from the electoral law, to the issue of electricity in the presence of Minister Cesar Abi Khalil.

Bassil reminded everyone that although they made us wait to have a president, at the end we elected President Michel Aoun… And now, they are using the same strategy either with the electricity or the voting law, but at the end “Lebanon will have electricity, and will have a new electoral law.” Bassil said.

The Leader of the Free Patriotic Movement also reminded whoever wants the Lebanese to stay in the dark, or without a new voting law that the party will stand up for all the Lebanese’s rights, “we will not remain in front of you for six years or even six hundred years but for six thousand years so be prepared to deal with it.”

(For Bassil’s entire speech watch the video above)