Lebanese Newspapers headlines

All Lebanese newspapers of May 13, 2017 wrote about the “most important theme” these days in Lebanon, the elections and the electoral law.
Whether these newspapers are with or against the new era, they were united to write what appears to be a “breeze of hope.”

Some progress about a new voting law, and the possibility of calling the cabinet to an extraordinary session by Lebanese President Michel Aoun.
Here are some Headlines of today’s Lebanese Newspapers:

Al-Diyyar wrote:
– Adoption of the law on proportionality based on 11 and 14 districts
– Aoun calls for an extraordinary session for the Parliament

Al-Akhbar wrote:
– The electoral law: “great progress” towards the proportionality.

– President Aoun: I still agree on proportionality as voting Law.
– PM Hariri reiterates differences with Hezbollah

The Daily Star:
– Cabinet Session is still Possible …Next week extension is excluded.

– Berri postpones cabinet extension session for days … Aoun will call for an extraordinary session.