Ziad Rahbani – Just trying not to allow the country to change me

Ziad Rahbani - Documentary
Ziad Rahbani - Documentary

From a dream to become a pianist.

To a boy arguing with his dad.

I told him, “Dad, I am going tomorrow to join the Kataeb”, pay attention, I am only 14 years old, what is he supposed to answer me?
My dad answered, he jumped of surprise, and told me, “Dad what do you think, today we had the first rain of the season” and we were in Bekfaya, just sitting there, “what about you go pick up some snails Dad, and forget about the Kataeb now? You are too young anyways.”
I replied: ” It is not up to you, It is up to me, I decide and I feel it running in my veins and this country needs me.”
He answered
“F* you and F* this country”

Ziad Rahbani Documentary – From a conversation between Ziad and his dad Assi

To an individual trying to convince us that…

I am not trying to change the country nor change anything, I am just trying not to allow the country to change me.

Really, what happened with the legend Ziad Rahbani? Many answers to you questions can be find in this documentary aired at Lebanese TV “Aljadeed”.