Why is the law of the Orthodox meeting?

Lebanon suffered, and what is still, from a long-life crisis even more than a quarter of a century. Causes are the imbalance in the application of the Charter, the Constitution and the national accord document, exceeding the Taif Agreement, which led to a significant imbalance in the participation and balance of judgment between the components of the Lebanese people.

 This anomaly grew up in the era of Syrian tutelage, after the absence of the actual leaders of the Christians in prison and deportation, and then the violation of their rights stipulated by the Taif Agreement. This violation appeared evident and clear in the election is inappropriate sectarian to our law; the law majoritarian based on multiple lists of names and unequal numerically among them is the worst kinds of electoral systems, because it lacks fairness among voters, some they vote for two candidates, while others vote for eight candidates or ten In both cases, one of the success of the full list, and drop the regulation of competition voted difference enough.

 All the election laws issued by the House of Representatives, the bad ones and the least bad, was carrying a structural errors, in addition to the division of constituencies without respect for the nature of the population distribution.

 All of these faults and errors led to deprive Christians of their right to proper representation, and formed a parliamentary majorities represent minorities popular, versus parliamentary minorities represent popular majorities. This disparity caused by the previous laws and the current law, spoiled work in the House and being the minister does not reflect the true representation of the components of the Lebanese people, as stated in the Taif Agreement, in terms of parity and specifications of the election law.

 The people in our Constitution is the source of authority, exercised through the constitutional institutions, and any imbalance in the representation reflected flaws in the legislation and in the exercise of executive power and in the respect for the rules of co-existence and validity of representation of different segments of the Lebanese people and the effectiveness of this representation.

For these reasons we meeting law relative orthodox each sectarian components provided by the law, and has obtained the proper representation for all their majorities and minorities and the adoption of this law achieves absolute justice for all citizens, both within their communities or between communities.

It remains only inventing pretexts for refusal; justice in the election law fortifying national unity through the establishment of a common living and tranquility  among members of the differentiated community in its unity. I am sure that people then will be  entrenched  in their land, and will not abandon each other, but they will together saying: “I wish to have one goat corral at least in the Mount Lebanon “

 Some of the officials that the orthodox meeting incompatible with the consensual because of the opposition of some deputies Muslims. But, on the contrary, this law to restore legitimacy to the election law and correct took the right of Christians. In addition, political conflicts, daily subsistence allowance to be between the communities, as is the case today, to move within each sect, what prevents sectarian realignment at each of entitlement.

One of the features of the law of the orthodox meeting also that with the  unity of Electoral Chamber, strengthens the unity of land because the citizen feels he choose their homeland representatives.

When completed this law, which produces a proper representation of the various components of the Lebanese people, can then be re-consideration of the subject of political sectarianism in accordance with article 95 of the Lebanese constitution.

The imbalance in the policy today, resulting from the lack of respect for the commitments and pledges made to ensure the implementation of the Taif Agreement, and wrote of the guarantor countries of this agreement on the 10th of July 2014, wishing to work on redressing the imbalance which resulted from the non-implementation of its content in the majority of its items. With the continuation of this imbalance, and not to take any step to redress, any Lebanese has the right to demand a reconsideration of the content of the internal relations between the components of the Lebanese society, because the continuation of the situation is now, will destroy all the elements of the homeland.