President Aoun congratulates L. A. Chief and Commanders for Fajer al-Jouroud Victory…

The President of the Republic congratulated during a meeting, on Saturday, at Baabda Palace the Lebanese Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Personnel for Operations and the accompanying commanders and officers for their victory in “Fajer al-Jouroud” offensive.

President Michel Aoun stressed that “the investigation will determine the circumstances and responsibilities into the incidents that took place in Arsal on August 2, 2014”, and asserted that “the country’s security is a top priority”, adding that it must remain away from politics.

“The innocent should not be convicted and the guilty should not be acquitted,” said President Aoun.

In turn, General Aoun summarized the stages of “Fajr al-Jouroud” operation. He stressed on “the full coordination and distribution of roles on the ground and the air, as well as the technical and logistic support that enabled the military units to liberate the territory in a record time.”

Commenting on the issue of media coverage during the offensive, the Army Commander said: “The presence of the media allowed an objective follow-up of the operations on the battlefield.” He concluded by and thanking the President for following the course of the operation from the beginning to the declaration of victory.

Hala Hayek Najjar