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Kamouh Hermel East West Lebanon
Image: wanderleb.com

Everyone like me in the Lebanese diaspora have a very common dilemma during the yearly visit to Lebanon: Time. First leaving the airport and arriving home, the parents, the brothers and sisters, the relatives, manqouche, knefe and the visit to the nearest mosque or church. At the end of the trip, you have to shop everything written on your shopping list. Suddenly you don’t have time and you know that Lebanon has a lot of places to visit.

Have you heard or visited Coliath Barack, Shhim temple, Chamaa fortress, Monjez Megalithic Tombs, Machnaqa altar, Hosn Niha Temple, Garden Of The National Museum Of Beirut, Kamouh El Hermel, Haidara Relief, Bziza Temple, Brissa Inscriptions, Thalthatha Temple, Dubei Fortress, Ain Houchbai Nymphaeum, Sibrin Village, Temnine Nymphaeum, Adloun Caves & Necropolis, Abi Chemou Sarcopghagus or climbing The Lighthouses Of Beirut.

By wanderleb.com

I guess not. Or who has the time and who knew that they existed. Wanderleb can take you to these places and a lot more, plus the traditional places in a planned and effective tours to all the sides of Lebanon.

Image by: Wanderleb.
Liked: The site of Yanouh testifies to a significant human occupation that goes back all the way to the Bronze Age.
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