UK, ISF partnership aims to support modern, effective and trusted police force

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding agreed between the ISF Director General, UK Ambassador, and the Minister of the Interior, in June 2016 for £13million, Ambassador Hugo Shorter met with the Director General of the ISF Major General Ibrahim Basbous, Head of Mobile Forces General Fadi Hachem, Head of Police of Beirut General Mohamad Ayoubi, Inspector General General Joseph Kallas, Head of Academy General Ahmad Hajjar, and Chief of Staff General Naim Chammas to discuss the British Policing Support Project (BPSP).

In a press release by the British Embassy in Beirut, it said: “The Strategic Project Management Committee aims to ensure effective strategic governance and oversight of the British Policing Support Project and the Memorandum of Understanding. The three year project seeks to help the ISF build a modern, compassionate, accountable and trusted police force that reflects people’s needs. Early projects will have a focus on policing in Beirut, Human Rights, the work of the Mobile Forces, and support the ISF’s Academy and Strategic Planning Team.”

After the meeting, Ambassador Shorter said: “The UK is committed to Lebanon’s stability, security and prosperity. At the heart of this must be a state capable of providing the ultimate guarantee of security.”

Shorter added: “The ISF needs to be able to ensure law and order, which is the foundation of the precious coexistence found in Lebanon. It is important that the public see that the ISF don’t just support stability and security through proactive counter terrorism operations and the policing of large scale events but also through impartial, accountable, transparent policing and by building positive relationships with communities and neighbourhoods across Lebanon.”

Shorter concluded: “Through our partnership with the ISF we seek to help ensure the people of Lebanon have the modern, effective and trusted police force that they deserve.”