U.S. Ambassador discusses new $6 million partnership agreement with ISF

NNA – U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, on Wednesday paid an acquaintance visit to Internal Security Forces General Director, Major General Ibrahim Basbous, in the company of U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Director, Diana F. Brown.

Talks during the visit reportedly focused on the fruitful and ongoing cooperation between the U.S. and the Lebanese security forces.

“This visit comes within the frame of a long-term strategic support plan to the ISF, coupled with specialized training and equipment that could help the ISF become more efficient,” the U.S. diplomat said. Richard went on to explain that the INL has invested in more than $160 million since 2008 to train and equip the ISF.

“As part of this commitment, we have discussed a new partnership agreement between the U.S. and the ISF. We are happy to announce that this $6 million program, funded by the INL, shall help the ISF achieve its long-term goals modernizing the ISF institution,” Richard added.

In turn, Basbous welcomed Richard and thanked the U.S. for its generous support to the ISF.

“Thanks to the U.S. support, the ISF enjoys high quality specialized training. We now have competent officers within the fields of investigation, analysis, and raids,” Basbous added, hailing the many achievements of the ISF in coordination with Lebanese Army.

Basbous also expressed the ISF’s willingness to cooperate and exchange information.