Two Car Explosions in Fallujah Leave Three Dead, Daesh Claims Responsibility

Two car explosions took place in Iraq’s Fallujah on Sunday, killing eight people, Reuters reported citing police and hospital sources. It remains unknown how many people have been injured.

Members with Iraqi counter-terrorism forces patrol Fallujah, Iraq. (File) © AFP 2016/ Hadi Mizban Two Suicide Car Bomb Attacks Kill 8 People in Iraqi Fallujah – Source Daesh terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for attacks in a statement issued by a news agency close to the group. Earlier, Alsumaria TV reported that three people died because of the explosions. The city of Fallujah was once a Daesh stronghold and was liberated by Iraqi troops earlier this year. Daesh is a terrorist group that is outlawed in many countries including the United States and Russia

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