To General Edgard Maalouf

By Dr. Elie Haddad
Translation Hala Hayek Najjar

In a time when loyalty is rare, the loyal has passed on.
In a time when charlatans and deceivers are many, the honest one has passed on.
As many pursue the meetings and the media, the labourer has folded his last sail and departed.

We weep for you O general because you were the epitome of the stubborn staunch warrior and the symbol of sacrifice, patience and power and the picture of honor and pride, and the face of kindness, fatherhood and humility.

With deep sorrow, we the European Tayyar coordinators in all its branches, present our deepest condolences to the family of the dearly departed, a loss to our cause, and especially to his spouse Chantale as well as his children, and his nephew MP Eddy Maalouf and declares that services for the dearly departed soul will be held in all the cities, in which the tayyar group exists, as a symbol of appreciation for the devotion, sacrifices and services he has given.