Statement issued by the Office of the Lebanese Presidency

The Office of the Lebanese Presidency released the following statement on 02/21/2017:

President Aoun to Senator Corker: Eager to maintain bilateral relations and the US support for the Lebanese Military, and to collaborate in all that benefits the stability of Lebanon


At the Presidential Palace in Baabda, President Michel Aoun received today the Chairman of the US Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Robert Corker, in attendance of the US Ambassador in Beirut, Ms. Elizabeth Richard, and the delegation accompanying the Senator. The US Delegation wished President Aoun success in his demanding patriotic tasks, renewing the United States’ unwavering pledge to support Lebanon in various domains.

President Aoun emphasized his intention to maintain the US-Lebanese relations and to collaborate in what promotes the stability and peace in Lebanon, hoping that the US support for the Lebanese Military will continue in all its aspects until the latter can protect Lebanon on its own, especially that there is currently no balance between the Lebanese Army’s capabilities and those of its neighboring counterparts.

In response to Senator Corker’s inquiry about the electoral law, President Aoun affirmed that dialogs and negotiations are currently in progress to eliminate all obstacles, pointing out that the elections will take place.

Additionally, President Aoun and Senator Corker discussed the situation in Lebanon and the regional developments, as well as the condition in Syria.


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