Hezbollah delegation visits Bkirki to offer wellwishes on festive season


A delegation of “Hezbollah” visited on Thursday Bkirki, where they met with Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi, on the occasion of the festive season.

The delegation was led by Party’s Poliburo head Sayyid Ibrahim Amine Sayyed, and includes Mustapha Hajj Ali, Mohammed Saiid al-Khansa and Mahmoud Kmakti.

The meeting took place in the presence of Prince Hareth Chehab and Bishop Samir Mazloum.

Speaking on emerging, al-Sayyed said that the visit comes to present well-wishes to the Patriarch in the name of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of Christmas.

al-Sayyed also said that the visit was a chance to dwell on most recent developments on the local and regional arena, notably the existing climate of stability and agreement resulting from the election of the president of the republic and the national unity government formation.

al-Sayyed considered the liberation of Aleppo a step in the path of the defeat of the terrorist project, underlining the dire need to counter this project and its repercussions. He assured that the cooperation amongst the security services and the existing political climate allows an effective countering of such perils.

In reply to a question about the election law, the Hezbollah senior official considered full proportionality and Lebanon ‘one electoral constituency’ forms the best solution falling in the interest of the Lebanese.

He also voiced openness on any electoral formula which would alleviate concerns by the Lebanese, hoping that some steps would be realized in terms of proportionality as the “exit to just representation.”

In reply to a question, al-Sayyed stressed that Hezbollah is present in Syria in the framework of cooperation with the Syrian state to counter the terrorist project emanating from Syria to the region. He also stressed that they shall stay in Syria till fully conquering this project.

On an imminent dialogue between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Forces, al-Sayyed said that the current circumstances in Lebanon shall dictate a sort of communication, saying they are open to this subject.